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Take your event to the next level and let your guests control their own audio experience?

Book Your Headphone Party and make your next event a quiet event.

Deliver up to 3 separate channels of crystal clear sound that only your guests can hear.

Silent Beats services are completely customizable to your needs.

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With our wireless headphone technology, we can deliver a crisp sound for any event types and age group. Having the multi-channel option enabled let’s you play music to any music lovers’ taste. You can have multiple DJ’s, music playlists, bands or even multi-lingual all at once. It’s now time to create an event experience like no other for your guests, click below and inquire about having the Silent Beats at your next event.

Silent Yoga Parties

Silent Events

Silent Weddings

Silent Outdoor Events

Silent Social Events

Music Festivals

Silent Events Are
Making A Lot Of Noise.

Get the event started on your own terms. Select the rhythms, the volume and the language that’s right for you, because every event should be a one-of-a-kind journey.
Delivering crisp and clear sound, in precisely the way your guests want it, with a set of headphones and a wireless signal, Silent Beats Events is leading Canada’s next frontier of event entertainment.

Silent Event FAQs

We are located in Canada with 2 offices.

We have an office located in Niagara Falls (near Toronto) and one office in Ottawa. We are 100% Canadian based and operated. We ship accros Canada. We also have partners in Montreal, Norfolk, London and Acton.

Do I need to pay a reservation fee?

Yes, a reservation fee of 50% is required to secure the headphones for your booking. A retainer will also be required closer to your event date.

Where can I have a silent disco?

Anywhere! The beauty of silent disco is that it can take place pretty much anywhere. All you need is power for the transmitters and away you go, we have battery packs available for remote locations.

How much does a silent disco cost?

We have many different options for hire so it’s up to you. You can rent as little as 25 headphones to north of 2000.

What happens if I break or lose something

Our headphones are heavy duty and are extremely tough for festivals and events. However, if you are to damage something beyond repair or lose anything then this will be chargeable as per our contract.

How do I set it up?

Our equipment is so easy to set up and use with plug and play. We are here to coach you to get set-up.